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Last updated: October 2021

Simple Executor & Administrator Support

The administration of a Deceased Estate can be overwhelming, challenging and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

simplyEstate’s Executor and Administrator support services provide you with flexible support options and confidence to complete the estate administration successfully the first time around.

Executor Tasks Overview

The Deceased Estate administration involves over 200 tasks and decisions.

a eight-step process flow diagram explaining the deceased estate administration process and the number of executor tasks and decisions

Estate Administration Services

Let’s discuss if we can ease the burden with our simple Executor and Administrator support services.

Phone Support

Ask for support when needed

Get clarity when in doubt while managing the Estate.

Discuss with us or request our support with anything, such as:

  • Your approach and overall guidance
  • How to overcome an immediate challenge
  • Dealing with difficult Beneficiaries
  • Assess if you should seek legal advice
  • How to best engage a lawyer by preparing and articulating the questions to reduce cost

Phone Appointments:

30 minutes: $59

45 minutes: $79

Administration Support

Let us assist with key tasks

Save up to 60 hours while managing the Estate.

We will work closely with you and provide administration support, including*:

  • Plan the estate administration
  • Notify service providers
  • Communicate regularly with Beneficiaries
  • Prepare documents and forms
  • Prepare an Assets & Liabilities Inventory
  • Cancel contracts and subscriptions
  • Prepare for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration application
  • Set-up the Estate
  • Transfer Assets to the Estate

Ad-hoc Support: $99 per hour

Complete Support: $1,800

Let’s discuss your situation and if we can assist you.

Ad-hoc Legal Advice

Request specific legal advice

Request guidance and legal advice in tricky situations.

Request legal advice for specific work and only pay for what you need, such as:

  • Grant of Probate application
  • Letters of Administration application
  • Confirm validity of a Will
  • Establish the rightful Beneficiaries
  • Manage disputes and protect the Estate
  • Review and finalise the estate to reduce your personal liability

Discuss your needs obligation free

We work with some of the best probate lawyers in your state who are familiar with local laws.

What Our Users Say


“I used the Executor support service and spoke with Stephan who was incredibly generous with his knowledge and time. I thoroughly recommend this website, the tools and service provided for those who are undertaking the daunting task of will execution!”


Isabella Leifi


“After my 18yo son passed I had no idea what to do. I was going around and around in circles, getting nowhere. I came across simplyEstate and found all the information and direction I needed. Stephan was extremely helpful and even followed up with more info.
Thank you for making an incredibly painful experience a little easier.”


Naomi Shipway



“Losing a loved one is emotionally very difficult. Being faced shortly after with another difficult task as Executor can be overwhelming, especially if the estate is complex.  Having the simplyEstate guidelines at hand made the task much easier to navigate with confidence and accuracy.”


Anthony Frizza

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*Administration Support is a service to support Executor(s) or Administrator(s) and simplyEstate will not provide any legal or financial advice, take on the role of Executor or Administrator, sign documents on behalf of the Estate, organise the funeral, locate the Will, determine Executor or Administrator of an Estate, notify family and friends, source documents, certify copies, lodge documents in person, determine rightful Beneficiaries, determine solvency of the Estate, pay bills, pay mortgage, pay debts, hold Estate funds in trust, clear the home or residence, provide valuations of assets and liabilities, apply for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, open and maintain Testamentary Trusts or other trusts, open an Estate of the Late bank accounts, sell property, lease property, distribute inheritances to Beneficiaries, close accounts and file documents.