Estate Administration

Last updated: November 2020

How to Administer a Deceased Estate

Most families are overwhelmed after experiencing a loss. simplyEstate can help and provide guidance.

The time needed to deal with a loss is often interrupted by the immediate necessity for funeral planning and deceased estate administration. Find out how we can help you below.

What Is Your Approach?

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You already know that you want to administer the deceased estate yourself and want to work through the process in your own time in honour of the deceased person.

What Is Your Approach?

Partially Supported

You want to complete the estate administration yourself with some specialist support for some tasks due to complexity, being time poor or foreseeing possible challenges.

Fully Supported

You prefer to hand over the estate administration to professionals and simply want to oversee the process and get involved when needed, be that for administrative, legal and other tasks.

How We Can Help


Free online guide

simplyEstate’s online Deceased Estate Administration Guide helps Executors, Administrators and Next of Kin navigate the  administration process step-by-step.

& Tools

Free to $49

simplyEstate’s Checklists & Tools assist you when working through the estate administration. Review all and only pay for the ones you want to use.

Executor & Administrator Support

First phone appointment free

simplyEstate’s Executor & Administrator Support allows you to discuss your approach, next steps and how to engage a lawyer or specialist for the estate administration.

What Our Users Say


“This online guide and the affordable tools were invaluable.  They really helped me understand what needed to be done. They gave me the confidence to act as Joint Executor. The Beneficiaries were given a clear overview of my late mother’s estate value. I found using the assets and liabilities spreadsheet easy and intuitive.”


Chris Quinn



“I downloaded all Checklists & Tools, which proved very useful. It allowed me to keep all expenses of my late mother’s estate organised. It was easy to pay and download and wish I had known about simplyEstate sooner.”

Brian Crowley


“Losing a loved one is emotionally very difficult. Being faced shortly after with another difficult task as Executor can be overwhelming, especially if the estate is complex.  Having the simplyEstate guidelines at hand made the task much easier to navigate with confidence and accuracy.”


Anthony Frizza