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How to create your Estate Plan?

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Last updated: March 2022

What Is The Meaning Of Estate Planning?

Did you know that many of us have a misconception about what Estate Planning means?

Everyone knows that a Last Will and Testament is important to make sure our money and property are distributed according to our wishes. At simplyEstate, we agree that a Will is critical, but also think there are a few other simple things you can prepare today to complement your Will and make it easier for your loved ones.

Be remembered for the great things you’ve done in your lifetime and not for leaving behind a difficult legal, administrative and financial situation.

How Ready is Your Estate?

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What Makes a Complete Estate Plan?

Capture and store all your important information and wishes safely online. Save your family from having to make difficult decisions and help them execute your wishes.

Create a Last Will & Testament to formalise who should take care of your estate and who will inherit. Be confident everything will be executed according to your wishes.

Make sure the nest egg for your children and later generations you worked so hard for isn’t eaten away by unforeseen costs when you pass away with the right plan.